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Tereshko K. Y.


Med. pravo., 2019; 2(24): 57-63

UDС: 347.965.3:614.253.84


Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Law, Faculty of Postgraduate Education of Danylo Halitskyi National Medical University of Lviv,deputy chairman of the Committee for Medical and PharmaceuticalLaw and Bioethics of the NBAU, President of LRCF "Medicine and Law"Executive secretary of the scientific and practical journal "MedicalLaw", a partner of the bar association "Medlex"

Attorneys access to their customers personal data

The publication outlines the procedure for an attorney to access clients
health information under Ukrainian law. It should be noted that in the legal
environment, there were two opposing legal positions regarding the exercise
of the attorneys right to access clients confidential information. The lack of
consensus on this issue, in the authors view, is caused by the misunderstanding of the “information with restricted access” concept by the subjects of law enforcement. In this context, the author identifies the peculiarities of national regulatory approaches in the area of attorneys access to clients personal data.

An attorney is one of the key figures in jurisprudence that stands for the
protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens. In order
for attorneys to be able to act confidently and effectively within the scope of
their powers, the law confers upon them the rights, which correspond to their
functions. According to Part 1 of Art. 20 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and
Advocacy”, attorneys have the right to take any actions not prohibited by law,
the rules of legal ethics and the legal aid agreement necessary for the proper
implementation of the legal aid agreement. In addition, the article explores
case law on the inability of an attorney to access sensitive personal information.

Key words: personal data, information with restricted access, confidential
information, medical care, health.

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