Med. pravo., 2015; 2(16): 31-40

UDC: 347.1


Ph.D. (Law), head of the Center for Harmonization of Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights of Intellectual Property Research Institute of National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, attorney-at-law, member of the Board of All-Ukrainian NGO Ā«Foundation of Medical Law and Bioethics of UkraineĀ»

Ethics and Patent Law in Health Care: Ukrainian Reform

Article concerns the ethical and legal aspects of harmonization of Human Rights and Intellectual Property rights in the sphere of Health Care. The author determines main trends of Ukrainian patent reform in the medicine and pharmacy. Key research activities of the center for Harmonization of Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights of the Intellectual Property Research Institute of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine are elucidated in article.

Key words: Human Rights, intellectual property, ethics, health care, patent reform.

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