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Kaplan U., Kurtuhlu A., Arda B., Erbas H.


Med. pravo., 2015; 1(15): 36-52

UDC: 378:602.4:608.5 (560)


PhD candidate. Ankara University Biotechnology Institute


MSc candidate, Ankara University Biotechnology Institute


Professor, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine


Professor, Ankara University Faculty of Languages, History and GeographyCorrespondence Address: Ankara University Biotechnology Institute, Golbasi 50. Yil Campus, L Blok, 2nd Floor, 06830, Ankara, Turkey

Biotechnology and Postgraduate Course of Bioethics in the Republic of Turkey: Some Aspects

Ethics course is one of the courses, which has been given in Spring terms at the Ankara University Biotechnology Institute since 2005, is reviewed in this article. Ethics course has been taken by 245 students between 2005–2013 years in the Institute. This study is mainly aimed two purposes. First of all, demographic information of the registered students is demonstrated using the tables. In addition, opinions of the students about the course are reviewed using feedback forms that fi lled out by the student. The results encouraged us to make conclusions that Ethics course is an indispensable course and meet the expectations of the students, although attendance to the course decreased recent years. For the future, to evaluate the contribution of ethics course on careers of graduate students of biotechnology area using a survey prepared by the persons, who are working on this study, is aimed.

Key words: ethics education, biotechnology, Turkey

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